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1032. A muggleborn yells “what team?” really loud and all the muggleborns and some half bloods yell “WILDCATS!” and the purebloods are extremely confused and a bit scared. 

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And don’t let anybody forget it. 


And don’t let anybody forget it. 

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I literally hate that so much of my family is ignorant and religious as fuck. That really shitty type of southern religion where their values are from the bible that they clearly didn’t read and from a consciousness they never achieved.

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Made this for a school project, I really like it!


Made this for a school project, I really like it!

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Anonymous asked » "john lennon syndrome?"


john lennon syndrome is when a dumbass thinks they’re concerned about peace and social issues and believe they are in touch with nature when in reality they just say the n word, smoke weed, throw a bunch of hindu and buddhist imagery together and call it “inner peace,” and don’t shower. you probably know a lot of these people

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Woman raped, killed, and hanged from a tree after refusing  


"A 20-year-woman has been found hanging from a tree in Pakistan’s Layyah district. Pakistani daily The Nation reports Muzammil Bibi was raped before she was strangled. Her parents had reported her missing two days before her body was found on Friday.

One Monday Sky News reported Bibi’s…

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if you shame girls about their breast size i will push you into traffic

"Who’s flat now?"

whos flat now

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